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"Breakfast at Tiffany`s" voted top fashion trend setting film ever

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"Breakfast at Tiffany`s" has been voted as the top trend setter in the world of fashion, by leading designers and style editors across the globe.

In director Blake Edwards` 1958 hit, legendary beauty Audrey Hepburn`s Givenchy little black dress, sunglasses and pearls are still valued as essentials, that have influenced the fashion industry the most, reports the Mirror.

Fashion gurus like Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood rated "American Gigolo" second due to Giorgio Armani`s work with star Richard Gere. And while Victor Fleming`s "Gone With The Wind" came in third on the list, 1967 hit

"Bonnie & Clyde" took the fourth slot leaving Desperately Seeking Susan in fifth position.

The full list compiled by American Express Red is:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany`s

2. American Gigolo

3. Gone With The Wind

4. Bonnie & Clyde

5. Desperately Seeking Susan

6. My Fair Lady

7. Pulp Fiction

8. The Great Gatsby

9. Thomas Crown Affair

10. The Graduate.